After thinking about it for ~7 years, I finally started making ice cream.

Here’s the gear I got:

Disclaimer: some of these links point to the Amazon page for the product. I got this with my own money, and there’s no referals or anything like that. I work at Amazon, this text and opinions are my own and not my employer’s, etc.

I was able to get pretty decent results following the recipes that came with the machine. I’d call these 3 batches my Hello World build: follow the recipe, don’t try to change too many things. Learn how the “build” process works. Have fun.

Build v0.1b: Hello World

  1. Strawberry ice cream: very tasty and fresh. Replaced the heavy cream with half-and-half. Went rock-solid after freezing overnight, I’m guessing it’s because that substitution.

  2. Banana ice cream: same as above.

  3. Lemon-lime gelato: this one did not freeze solid, which was nice! It ended up a bit bitter with a bitter aftertaste. Likely due to the lemon pith (I blended the peeled lemons instead of juicing them) and 2 whole limes I threw into the blender. I’ll be trying a second batch soon that fixes that.

Now that I got a hold of the whole “build” process, I want to start tweaking things. So I found myself looking for documentation: stuff that helped me understand how ice cream works. I was surprised at how hard finding that kind of resources is compared to finding a recipe. So far I’ve found two promising resources:

I’ll be posting my progress here, hopefully with some pictures.